Poster Design


Magazine affiliated with Winters College at York University.

My Role

Graphic Designer, Poster Designer


September to November 2019


Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop


Poster that pays homage to Herb Lubalin - a Graphic Designer and Typographer that left a large impact on the design industry.

The Problem

Create a poster that promotes a typographer and their visual style. Include the font family of a typeface they designed, their portrait, their name, and a blurb.


The development of this poster involved heavy research into understanding Lubalin’s goal as an expressive typographer – or what he referred to as ‘word pictures’ - in the 1960s.

He used fonts as a means for developing stories, expressing an idea/typographic pun, or eliciting an emotion.


  • Lubalin's work was shaped by the fact that he was ambidextrous and colour-blind.
  • Lubalin changed perceived weaknesses into strengths and focused his attention on creating letterforms and composition.
  • The result of Avant Garde Gothic: new methods of combinations, ligatures and character subtractions or substitutions that defined trends for emerging designers.

Design Process


  • Stay true to his aesthetic by creating a minimal design.
  • Use his iconic red.
  • Focus on leading the viewer’s eye through the use of hierarchy.



Strive for clarity.

Good design is thinking about what you are working with, and what you want to do.

Graphic Design is art.

Everything from the paper quality, to the design elements should be thought out and selected.