Regenerating egg packaging & reducing waste.

Png of someone holding the handle on the acasa package

My Role - Individual Project

Research, Visual Designer, Illustrator, Branding, Packaging & Printing


February to April 2021


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Paper & Printing Services


Acasa is directly translated as Home or those close from home, i.e. family, a concept that is deeply engrained into the Romanian culture and this brand.I wish to introduce these concepts through a food product that holds deep traditions around the world 
and in many cultures.

The Problem

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Rise in Smaller households.

Over the last few decades, there has been a rise in smaller families or one-person households rather than five or more-person homes which used to be the norm. As such, there is an increasing need for everyday consumer products available in smaller quantities.

Acasa provides this opportunity through egg packages of 4 and 6, where smaller households can buy the amount of organic, farm-raised eggs as is necessary.

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Environmental Impact.

There has also been a collective increase in social awareness regarding sustainability, waste reduction and healthy living.

To resolve the concern in regards to the packaging, I made the container biodegradable and provided planting instructions to give it a second life.


A private and secured monitoring application that simplifies user's day to day medical regime.

The Consumer

For egg and chocolate egg consumers, cultural enthusiasts and plant lovers. The audience is for, but not limited to, smaller families or one-person households.Users are interested in organic produce and are conscious of their environmental footprint. They are also interested in learning about other cultures.


The brand is heavily influenced by Romanian traditions and aims to introduce writing characters, language and folk culture to a global audience.

The brand uses five central folkloric colours – white, yellow, red, blue and black.

The rooster or hen logo denotatively represents the importance eggs, hens, and roosters play in providing nutrition or waking up the average Romanian household. Connotatively it references the Horezu rooster, a symbol of the victory of light over darkness - as when the rooster crows a new day begins.


Acasa Logo


Every product comes with a biodegradable instruction manual, in Romanian and English, that shows the user how they can grow plants using the egg shells and the container.

Acasa sustainability instruction manual
Acasa Packaging photograph
Acasa packaging photograph
Acasa packaging photograph
Acasa packaging photograph


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The importance of culture in design

This project allowed me to showcase my heritage and learn more in the process.

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Lighting is key

With photography, the set design and lighting are central to enhancing the physical elements 
of the packaging.

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Process and prototyping

It is important to constantly document your process development and make physical prototypes as you work. Experimentation can bring to attention new opportunities or problems in the design that need to be resolved.